Your Halitosis Consultation

Before on embarking on any treatment with us, it is important to know that you must refrain from brushing your teeth, eating or smoking for at least 12 hours prior to your appointment. Because of these prerequisites, we would advise that you schedule a morning appointment.

The special machine (Halimeter) that we use to measure the volatile sulphur compounds is very sensitive and we will not get correct readings if there are too many smells occurring. So we would ask you not to use perfumes or aftershaves, smelly soaps etc the morning of the consultation.

And because we need to ensure you fall into the first category of halitosis, we strongly recommend you bring a confidant. In fact, we consider this a ‘must’ if attending our halitosis centre of excellence. A confidant is a person who is well aware of your bad breath and might even have been the one to alert you to the condition.

We carry out several tests for you on the day of consult and you will leave the surgery with a definitive diagnosis both verbally and written.

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