The Cure for Bad Breath

It may seem obvious, but it is vital that a correct diagnosis be made initially. Is this genuine halitosis or halitophobia? Having established that there is truly a halitosis we measure the degree of bad breath using an instrument called a halimeter. This is non-invasive, painless and quick and is complemented by several other simple tests.

In general it can be said that management depends on the reduction of volatile thiols and sulphur compounds in the mouth. This means a full dental examination including x-ray studies allied to repair and replacement of any poorly contoured existing fillings, cleaning of bacterial pockets and attention to any intraoral pathology such as thrush. The patient is instructed in a good oral hygiene regime where brushing teeth and tongue, using floss daily and using an effective mouthwash are essential. There is some controversy about mouthwashes but many agents are safe and effective e.g. Zinc and Triclosan.

Ongoing monitoring is essential. The patient is effectively enrolled in a fresh breath program with our dental team and his or her progress is objectively monitored by regular inspections, regular checks and regular halimeter readings. If we find that the halitosis is extra oral in origin, we will refer to the appropriate specialist.

We know that ridding someone of bad breath can restore confidence and open a bright new world for the sufferer. Halitosis is a treatable and curable condition and no one should needlessly suffer. That is what we dedicate ourselves to at the Fresh Breath Clinic.