The Fresh Breath Clinic in Dublin has been a centre for bad breath detection, diagnosis and definitive treatment since 2001.

Almost 50% of the population suffer with this embarrassing condition and, in a lifetime, all of us will have had it at some stage. It occurs in many people irrespective of age, social class, gender or sex. It has been documented in biblical texts and papyrus manuscripts dating back to 1550 BC. In some past Islamic cultures, one could divorce one’s wife if they had this ailment! The word Halitosis takes it’s meaning from both Latin and Greek. ‘Halitus’ is Latin for air breathed out and ‘osis’ is Greek for pathological alteration.

Halitosis is due to bacterial breakdown and putrefaction of debris, dead oral mucosa cells and saliva in the mouth and on the tongue surface. This leads to the release of noxious smelly gases including thiols and volatile sulphur compounds (VSCs).

Bad breath or Halitosis is sometimes a symptom of a disease. This is one reason why it is important – if you have any concerns in this area – to be seen by someone who is fully trained in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of halitosis. When we suspect an underlying disease we will refer you to a specialist physician for appropriate medical treatment. This will save you time, money, worry and unnecessary delay.